31 oktober 2020

Commercial Night Team

Het Commercial Night Team 2022

From left to right:

Secretary + Treasurer                                   Julia op den Velde

External Affairs Officer                                Amber Vermeer

Public Relations Officer                               Pien Stienen

Coördinator                                                       Femke Reinders

Chairman                                                            Tess Hille

My name is Julia op den Velde and I am currently in my third year of the bachelor Business economics. I joint the study association Asset | Marketing in 2020, and during my first year I helped organise several sports activities for active members. This year I felt ready for a formal committee and specifically the event Commercial Night caught my attention. I am happy to fulfil the functions of Secretary and Treasurer and I am looking forward to the big night!
-Julia op den Velde


Hi, I’m Amber and I’m the External Affairs Officer of this year’s Commercial Night. I am currently writing my thesis for the Marketing Analytics master’s degree. Only since last semester I became an active member at Asset Marketing. I find it enjoyable and educational to attend events of Asset Marketing. Being in the organisation of one of these events myself seemed like a great and instructive experience. I hope to see you all on March 15.                                                                       -Amber Vermeer


Hello! My name is Pien and I have just started the master Marketing Management. After having done several informal committees at Asset | IB&M, Commercial Night is my first formal committee at Asset | Marketing, which I am really enjoying so far! I am really looking forward to the 15th of March and hope we will be able to welcome you all in Pathé!     -Pien Stienen


Hi! I’m Femke and I’m the coordinator of the Commercial Night committee. Last year I graduated for my bachelor International Business Administration and now I’m doing a board year at Asset | Marketing. I started at Asset | Marketing in 2019 in the ACOM and last year I also joined the Commercial Night as a committee member. Hopefully this year the commercial night can take place offline and I’m really looking forward to it!                                                                      -Femke Reinders


Hi everyone! My name is Tess and I am the chairman of the Commercial Night committee this year. I started my master in marketing management in September and finished my bachelor LAS before that. After fulfilling some informal committees at Asset SBIT, I thought it would be a fun challenge to do a formal committee this year, and where else than Asset Marketing!? I am looking forward to see everyone Mach 15 at the commercial night:)                                                               -Tess Hille