Commercial Night
March 13, 2024

What is The Commercial Night?

The night for students interested in marketing

On Wednesday March 13, the Commercial Night 2024 will take place. This annually event is being organised by the study association Asset | Marketing from Tilburg University. During Commercial Night 2024, three companies will share their experiences about their commercials with the participating students.

With this year’s theme: ‘Holiday Marketing – The Seasonal Showdown’, companies will be presenting about their strategies to get noticed in the razzle-dazzle of advertisements around the holidays. The companies will also give a glimpse behind the scenes and explain some of their strategies.

At Pathé Tilburg Center

Pieter Vreedeplein 174, 5038 BW Tilburg

Join us at Pathé Tilburg Centrum on March 13 for an unforgettable experience! Located in the heart of Tilburg, it will once again host "The Commercial Night," just as it did last year.