7 februari 2017



The Five Principles are the foundation of how we do business today and every day for more than 100 years. Mars Associates in every country are committed to Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom, and use our Principles to guide their decisions

For generations, you, and your family — including the four-legged members — have loved our brands, products and services. Our Associates are working to ensure that everything you know and love consistently evolves to deliver the best for your family. Explore our brands here.

Just graduated or still finishing up school? The future you want can start today. At Mars, we’re preparing the leaders of tomorrow and we want to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed. Because, today you’re a graduate, tomorrow you’re a leader. At Mars we’re looking for experienced candidates who push the limits of what’s possible and have the desire to develop and grow. We want a diverse group of people who have one thing in common – they can take what they’ve learned today and do even more tomorrow.

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We Scheepens is not an advertising agency, not a media agency, not a communication agency and not a campaign agency. They are all. Creative thinkers & doers who don’t work for you, but work with you.

In order to achieve the best work, we always look for the connection with our customers and partners. The question only becomes crystal clear when we are all on the same wavelength. We work together, so we constantly visit customers and each other to ask questions and present ideas. This is how we really make the best advertising together. 

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